Words of intention Journal cards filled with prompts and inspiration.

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A6 journal cards called Joyfully Creative, which help to give you a flexible solution to journaling your way.

This pack is focusing on creating great habits.
With 3 A6 double-sided journal cards.

These A6 cards are doublesided with suggested words and space for your ideas to be written all around them.

Bright and colourful these are made to help you find focus in your day. Choosing a short term focus that helps you as you move through the day.

Words of intention - this card helps you find words to help you focus for the day.
SIDE 1 - suggested words with space to add more.
SIDE 2 - 31 spaces to use for an entire month.

Celebrating wins and making promises
SIDE 1 - Celebrating our wins no matter the size is so important.
SIDE 2 - making promises to ourselves, the simple act of writing it down makes the world of difference. In this beautiful illustration you can see the beauty of your promises and bring them to fruition.

Doodle card
Learning to doodle and valuing the act of doodling is so important.

Giving our minds time to calm and catch up with where we are, doodling helps us to become more present and mindful in what we are doing.

Use in your journal or have in a handy place around the house to remind you of your plan for the day.

Come and see videos and posts about them @thejoyfilledcup on instagram and Facebook.

Episode 1 of the joy filled cup talks in more depth about using these. You can have a listen to the podcast.