Strong women -Oneliner original artwork acrylic paints by LucyJoyArtist

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Here is a Oneliner special seriesI have created.
Each image is full of life and energy, I made them to bring a little smile and joy into your space.

Painted on acid free canvas boards, each piece measures 18cm x 12.5cm
(and 2mm thick)

They are painted with bright coloured acrylic paint.

I love to have them free standing, because of the board they are solid and don’t bend when left unframed. They can be left as they are or framed in your own style.

Choose which painting you would like or create your own set £25 each painting

Oneliners are a technique I use to create images that use one continual line.
They have a life and energy to them that cant help to inspire you.
It’s a nod to life to keep going even when life is full of twists and turns, in the end you will create something beautiful.
Each Oneliner comes with a little card which tells you this and on the reverse reminds you that you Can and Will do it! I wonder what you will do!