Journaling through advent kit - build a Christmas nativity

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This is a kit that has everything you need to study the Christmas story and understand it in a deeper way.

It has been created to use through the period of advent and is divided into four weeks, it could be used in a shorter period if you wanted to.

Each week there are three aspects of the story to think about and make and add to your set, with cards to write important details to help you remember in the future. There are cards which guide you through each week and character in the theme of hope, faith, joy and peace.

These kits are designed to help you get a deeper understanding of the Christmas story, to ask questions and seek the answers. It can be done as a family or as a personal study.

Each kit comes with
-characters ready to colour and stick
-gold tissue which they are wrapped in and then used in the scene.
- 12 named cards for you to add to.
-4 cards with characters and bible verses and questions.
-3cotton wool balls to turn into sheep
-instructions for using the kit
-assembly instructions
And a pack of 4coloured pencils.
All in a cardboard box which is the structure of the scene.

If churches wish to use these please do contact me as discounts are available.