I love you more than icecream Oneliner

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Do your reeeeeally love ice cream?
What a perfect way to show your love with this declaration of love.

This print always makes me smile as it is a wonderful way to describe the relationship of some fantastic people. Do you know the perfect person for this?

The ice cream is created using one continual line in a techniques I affectionately call a ‘Oneliner’ full of joy and movement this is a nod to life, to keep going, to see all those delicious twists and turns and stick with it. In the end you will make something truly beautiful..... and in this case delicious!

This A4 print comes oh high quality beautiful acid free paper, I get them printed locally at a wonderful Independant printers and have input each step of the way in producing it.
Your print will come signed and packaged in paper and card, keeping plastic usage to an absolute minimum.