Gratitude - a different look at gratitude journaling

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Journal cards are a great and simple way to get started or to shake up your journaling practice.
These sets come as 3 A6 double-sided thick journal cards, each card filled with prompts and hints to get you thinking and having a screen free moment to yourself.

This pack focuses on GRATITUDE
Gratitude is where joy really begins to flourish and so by learning to create a regular practice of gratitude you are starting something very special indeed.

The cards are filled with different ideas and prompts to get you started, giving ideas to help find ways, track and make room for gratitude in your life.

These cards are like taking time out to have a coffee with yourself, they encourage you to start something which you can then develop into something unique and special to you.

All the juicy details

The cards are thick 350gsm card - so no bleed through of pens.
The card is uncoated and so takes many different pens and pencils easily.
Simple instructions come with the set to help you.

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