Awesome mini encouragement cards

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These beautiful cards are AWESOME! With this brilliant affirmation on the front and space to write on the back.

Write a note and give to friends or people who inspire you.

Keep them in your bag ready to write a little note to someone who has made you smile.

Write the things you are proud of your kids for doing and keep them in a jar to pull out and read from time to time.

Use these to remind yourself you can do it with your victories written on the back. Remember a victory is a victory no matter the size!

These cards are designed to encourage and inspire and lets hope to spread a little more kindness as we go.
Check out my instagram @lucyjoyartist and the hashtag #youareawesomecards to see the goodness these guys are up to.

All the juicy details
Cards are 8.5cm x 5.5cm perfect to keep in your bag.
They come in packs of 10 and will be wrapped in tissue paper