Affirmations - journaling to create a positive mindset

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Joyfully Creative journal cards help to take time out and experiment with ideas and creativity.

When we take the time to seek joy we will find it.  

This kit focuses on being the star in your own show, learning that there is a place for you and you can take up the space you were made for. This is not a kit to create a puffed up unrealistic view of yourself but one that helps remind you of your worth and find ways that work for you to keep you focused on being the person you were made to be. 

There’s some fun and some deep thinking, all intended to give you a moment out of the busyness of life and take a quiet screen free moment to yourself. 

Whats in the set?

There are 3 double-sided A6 cards filled with prompts, ideas and activities. You can use only these or open a journal and explore some of what you have started here. 

Each set comes in a belly band and has a set of instructions to help you get started.