About the Joy Filled Cup

Welcome to The Joy Filled Cup, this is a place which I hope to create inspiration and encouragement to take time out to be your true self. I love to journal and so I’ve created products and tips to help others explore this too.

 I am working hard to create artwork and journaling tools to help us live more mindful and focused lives. We don’t all live in ideal circumstances but learning how to create a place of joy inside us that we can retreat to and nourish ourselves is of such great value. Join me as I explore how to find Joy in the everyday things of life.

I am Lucy Joy and I create the Joy Filled Cup, I am an artist, illustrator and writer and work to share what I am discovering and learning with those who would like to explore it themselves. Journaling is a great passion of mine, I love to work in a creative environment and create in many different ways.

My other work include Landscape art, Oneline drawing and I have written and illustrated several children’s books.  

LucyJoyArtist maker and founder of the Joy filled Cup