Little tin of Big Gratitude! A-Z of gratitude tokens for journaling, encouraging yourself or a gift for someone special

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Let me introduce you to this Little tin of Big gratitude. 

Gratitude is one of those things we need to practice and keep doing, its a muscle that grows when we use it. Gratitude is something that helps us look for the good in every situation and in doing so welcomes joy into our life in a way like never before. 

This little tin is filled with tokens with letters a-z and four blank tokens for when you have to write something more. They come in a tin with letter confetti to bring a little excitement and joy. 

These are great to help you in your daily practice, maybe you write on them, maybe you keep them in the tin like this and use them as prompts for journal writing. 

Just imagine getting a set and writing on each one things that you are grateful for about someone and give it to them, how heart warming and encouraging would that be!

The details

Each token is approximately 45mm x 35mm card with a letter cut out in the top left hand corner. All letters are lower case. The cards are a variety of pink, yellow and green in no order. This set is created and made by myself and is therefore handmade and has the beauty of that.

The tokens come in a hinged tin.