Learning to have a good inner voice

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Joyfully Creative Journal cards - double sided A6 journal cards
These cards are re like having a coffee with yourself
A quiet moment to enjoy some time to re-energise yourself.

We are all so busy but taking time for ourselves helps us in more ways than you think.

Joyfully creative is designed to help you in that moment to take time out and have a gentle guide to help you work. Have fun and play and take it as far as works for you.

These cards are filled with tips and inspiration to get creative and to start drawing, again or to restart. They are great to add to and doodle on, a lovely addition to your journal or to pop beside you on your desk or somewhere in view.

Journal cards are a simple and easy way to try out journaling for the first time or just to shake up your regular practice.

learning to love our surprises or mistakes
SIDE 1 - Work on the words you want your mind to be filled with.
SIDE 2 - Because life isn’t always what we want it to be lets learn to work with the mistakes and accidents. Use these coffee stains to create some amazing pictures.

Drawing card
SIDE 1 - Drawing tips and inspiration to help shake up a habit.
SIDE 2 - Pictures to help you get creative, try new things and decide what you want to fill your mind, thoughts and ‘house’ with.

Inner voice
SIDE 1 - Here is space to create your inner voice, what do they look like? Let’s have a play.
SIDE 2 - Helps you fight that negative voice with the truth! It takes action and commitment to create a positive and helpful voice. You can do it!!

Each one is made from 350gsm card and can be used as journal cards - clipped together, in your journal or kept in handy places to use regularly as you get time.

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