Opportunity to serve - Bible journal card study kit - Rahab and Samson

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This kit is what I hope to be the start of a series, where each card focuses on a Bible character and theme. f we are to know and grow in our relationship with God we need to know Him and hear from Him. The Bible is God’s word and spending time in it blesses us more than words can say. 

Meet my first Kit - Opportunity to Serve. 

For this kit you will spend time getting to know two people Rahab and Samson. It’s easy to say we know them, but how well do we really?

This kit looks at each character and asks some important questions to help you understand what God is showing us about Him and from that about us. 

What the kit contains - 

Character cards -

1x  Rahab and 1x Samson - one side I have created a picture of them, to give them a face and help remind us these are real people who hard from the same God we do today.  

The Other side has passages to read and questions to go with them to help you get to know them even better. With passages from their stories and other places in the Bible we get to know and understand more of who they were and the background they came from. 

8 x study cards (4 with each or how you choose to split them up) these are single sided thinner cards which give you space to write your notes and thoughts as you study. With a reminder to pray.read.pray.apply round the boarder. 

1 x ribbon bookmark

2 x card bookmarks with ‘Rahab’ on one and ‘Samson’ cut out of them.

2 x encouragement cards ‘you are loved’ and ‘He sees every tear that falls’ great to give away or keep for yourself.

1 x  blue paper mate InkJoy pen