Words have power and build our foundations, what are yours?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Foundations recently, in fact it is the theme of the new set of journal cards that are available now. Let me tell you a little story my Dad was a joiner, a carpenter and while I was little he built garden walls and a conservatory to our house. I was always tagging along wanting to see how it worked and I was always fascinated with how these things came to be. The size of the foundations and the time it took to make them amazed me.This part of the building you can’t even see yet takes so much planning and making. 

Foundations of joy

When we came to owning our own home and asking a tiny gally kitchen into a workable family space I learnt something new about foundations, they need to be different sizes depending on the height of the building going onto it. We were just building a kitchen extension yet the builders suggested making it big enough for two storeys if we ever wanted to build upstairs. Amazing isn’t it!


Maybe building isn’t your thing but we all understand that a foundation is what keeps a building solid and safe. As people we need foundations too, our foundations are less visible yet are equally if not more important and they take a long time to build.

Journaling flat lay

We have created lives built on various foundations, some put there by others (sometime unnoticed by us) others put there by us, some intentional, some have snuck in. I wonder if you ever think about these things, do you ever question how you made that decision or why you would? I think this is down to our foundations, our core beliefs. Those deep seated words that direct our thinking. 

The amazing thing about our foundations is that they can change and be guided from unhelpful to more helpful when we notice them. Just because something is there now does not mean you have to leave it there. For example I grew up finding reading hard and as I was a slow reader I believed there was little point in trying, at school when we read novels I would try to keep up with others and miss out large chunks. I believed I wasn’t a good reader and so never would be. That created this fear about reading larger books, it meant that I would not be part of conversations about reading either. That might sound like a small thing but actually I realised I was missing a huge joy that there is in life by not trying and accepting this lie into my foundations and, not exploring for myself. 

I have taken the time to change those foundational words that say 

‘I am a bad reader, I’m so slow at reading so don’t bother’  


‘I read at my own pace and books are a joy not to be missed’ 

This has changed so many things for me and has been something so good. 


I wonder are there foundational words in your life that are stopping you doing things? Or are there words that are leading you to do things you regret. I’ve often heard ‘I’m bad at commitment’ or ‘I just get angry really quickly’ or ‘I have never been able to tolerate people that do x, y or z’ These things can be excuses they can also be messages that we unconsciously tell ourselves and so get into unnecessary heart ache. 

Journaling cards foundations

I really do believe that taking a moment to understand our foundations and self talk can be a huge benefit. At the moment we are in situations which are so different aren’t we. Some are crazy busy, others have so much time to think it feels impossible to know how to quiet our minds. 

So don’t let this lead you down a rabbit hole of thinking. I wanted to share this moment to encourage you to notice the messages you say and hear. To decide if they are allowed to be part of your foundations, your core beliefs. At the same time remembering not to get too inward focused, our minds will be filled with things - make sure you choose something good.


For me my core beliefs are my faith in God, my trust in something bigger than myself and the deep love that has been shown to me. Through seeing yourself through the lense that tells you that you were chosen to be here right now, you have a purpose and a mission. Is vital to my foundations and helps me to focus on the things that are actually important.


Life is not a race to the finish line, its an opportunity every day to bring a little light and love into the world. If we all took that as part of our foundations, if we could commit to recognising the power of words to ourself and to others I believe we could do so much good. 

Just imagine a world where we thought the best of each other, we tried to help and care for each other and our environment. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Take time out

To make you smile a little I wanted to share the fun bit of homeschool we did this week, in the school assembly video the head talked about Kindness and showed a song from Sesame Street, I found the whole episode and we watched that.Taking time out to look at kindness was truly wonderful. There is some magic in Sesame Street isn’t there, they are kind, they put each other first, they are quick to apologise and ready to learn. I know it’s a kids tv programme and made in a way thats super easy for kids to understand, but I wonder as adults if we too can take a leaf out of their book. Being ready for others to be trying their best means less suspicion, less fear and believe me when you expect the best in people they feel it and often they start to believe it’s possible too.   


So this week let me encourage you to have a think about what your foundations are, 

What do you believe about yourself? 

What do you believe about others?

What are your great loves?

These are helpful places to start and explore, take a few short moments to journal this out.If you need more help with it then my journal cards are available here. Or explore the questions and take a short moment from time to time to understand this. 


If you remember nothing else please remember this - words have power, you are loved and worthy of your place in the world and can do great good.


I hope you have a wonderful week.

Lucy x

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