Journaling in Action - Flo&Seb daily wellness planner - first impressions.

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Blog 1 (of 4) - The first look at the Flo&Seb daily wellness planner - a look at guided journals  


Welcome to the very first blog in my journalling in action series. Here I will be working my way through a number of different guided journals and showing how they work in real life. I have always wanted to see this for myself and so decided that I would get to work on it. Some important bits of housekeeping - some of the journals have been gifted to me and I will make that clear at the end of the blogs as to which ones have been, other than that I am not receiving anything else from them. So I will share an honest impression of what I’m using not to sell you anything but simply to show you what they are like in action and hopefully help you find what suits you in this season of your life. Maybe you will want them and maybe other ideas will come to you, whichever the case I would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact me.

 Will journaling help me in my everyday life?

So without anymore chat lets delve into the very first journal to show you. 

This is the Flo&Seb daily wellness planner (gifted) 

Name of the journal - Flo&Seb daily wellness planner 

Aim of the journal - Health and well-being - to keep everything in one place. 

Timescale - 12 weeks undated 

Cover - Thick soft back

Binding - silver coloured ring. 

 Flo&Seb wellbeing planner for journaling in action series

What is the story and the heart behind the creation of the journal? 

The creators of the beautiful Journal are daughter and mother team - Louise and Denise who have worked together to create a journal that brings all the things you want to record into one place. 

I spoke to Louise who explained the story behind creating this journal. After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome she describes how ‘my wellness became a key focus, I started to look after myself, focused on exercising and eating better but I soon realised  my mental health had also suffered. I started to undertake some mindfulness activities and setting myself daily intentions to help manage my CFS.’  After using a number of separate journals she saw the need for one that held all she needed. During Lockdown of March 2020 and having time to work on her idea with Denise they have created this journal to help mind and body, and it really is a beautiful project. 

This is the first they have made and comes in a collection of different cover options, which is something I really like because I can find one that fits with whats on my desk at the moment. I have the ASH cover and it feels like a calming thing to have beside me. 


Initial impressions - are you excited, how does it make you feel?

My initial impression when this came through the door (firstly was how fast it got to me!) but then just how beautiful it is. It arrived in card packaging and wrapped in tissue paper, it’s really nice to see how plastic packaging is really reducing now. I was able to choose which cover design I wanted although I must say all the covers are pretty special. Mine is the ASH cover with rich golden yellow and a warm green. 

It feels like a good book to pick up, something sturdy and with intention. I have never had a ring bound journal like this before and I do like how you can lay in out flat and fold it round (which is useful in the left hand pages). I am looking forward to delving into using this one!

 Flo&Seb planner arrives plastic free - the joy filled cup

How much instruction is in book and is needed?

The overall look is quite minimalist and I think goes with the heart of the journal, with a view to simplicity and mindfulness it almost calls you to slow down and sit quietly. The welcome page is neat and to the point and the instructions are clear and concise, they remind you to be kind to yourself which is a really great starting place for any journal. 


The instructions are easy to understand and yet would allow for flexibility for different things to be measured and tracked. I have to admit, this already has got my heart it has many of the aspects I used to put in my own journal. It has a holistic view looking at the anchors of your week with space for a meal plan, shopping list and weight measurements to help keep you on track. I like how it feels open enough to get started and yet over time you really could add so much that suits you. This feel like a great journal to get you started with journals.  


What are the sections like?

The journal is divided into 12 weeks by coloured pages, I think I would add sticky notes or tabs onto them over time to help find where I was but equally you could leave it open on your day. Each week has a meal plan and shopping list, at first I thought this was perfect to pull out and take with you but later weeks the shopping list backs a page you wouldn’t remove. I guess its a case of rewriting it or snapping a picture on your phone of the list. 

Each day is double a page spread with a welcoming layout asking you to record food / water/ exercise and I really like the daily intentions and nightly reflections. I think the only thing I would really miss is a place to write my lists of jobs, thats something quite important to help me focus. I do like the look of whats here though and think its a great mix and not too much. 

At the end of each week is a mindfulness exercise or looking at an aspect of wellbeing, it’s different for each of the weeks and looks like a great way to reflect and reset ready for the coming week. I did wonder why this is at the end and so would need to get into a habit of looking for it at the start of each week I think, I will let you know how I get on with this. I think its a great addition to the journal and makes it quite inspiring. 

 Inside Flo&Seb planner - journaling in action

Is there an online community for it?

When I spoke to Louise she said there is a growing online community and a 12 week challenge to help those with the journal to work through and encourage each other. This sounds like a really helpful way to stay accountable and enjoy meeting others on the same road. 


All in all I’m excited to get using this journal, its inviting and well set out. I like the minimal way the days are organised and the end of the week exercise, I wonder if I might dip into them throughout the week and try to use them daily. 

This feels so much like my early journals its really making me smile I think it’s a great way to start journaling and exploring what it is you want from a journal. The fact that it’s undated is so helpful and for someone starting out or getting back into journaling this certainly takes the pressure off. You could easily spend just 10 minutes a day filling it in or sit for much longer.

I will let you know next week how I have got on with it and do let me know if there is anything you would like to know. 


Flo&Seb planner - the joyfilledcup 

Practical Flo&Seb wellness Planner

Size and page numbers - A5, no page number, approx 2 cm in total thickness

Time it covers - 12 weeks Undated

Wrapping - eco? - arrived in eco card box and wrapped in tissue.

book marks / stickers/ any extras - one unattached card bookmark ‘Always making progress’  

Hard back / soft back - thick softback

Binding - ringbound

Lay flat? - lays flat well and can be folded back on itself. 

Price - £16.95 

This journal was kindly gifted to me for this project and the team at Flo&Seb have also given me a discount code if you would like to try the journal for yourself. The code is JOYFILLEDCUP and gives you 10% off. 

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