How to choose the right journal and are guided journals helpful? Journaling in action series looks at a number of guided journals and explores how they work in everyday life.

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Blog 2 - How does it work? Using the Flo&Seb wellness planner on a day to day basis and getting to know it.

Welcome back to Journaling in Action, this is blog 2 of me using the Flo&Seb wellness planner. I hope you enjoyed the first one but if you haven’t had chance  to read it you can here. I feel that you need some back story to my week of using the planner... well it has actually been two weeks by now. I have been unwell (with a flair up of somethings.. nothing COVID thankfully) and so have been pretty exhausted. I debated stopping the project for a while until I was back on top form again. I wondered if being ill was not a good place to be trying to assess how easy something is to use. BUT and I think this speaks volumes as to the planner, I found that I could still use and enjoy using it there were many helpful things which I could do with it. There are many things that feel overwhelming and hard , be it illness or life pressures, but taking time to stop and write is something that really helps me. I often say that ‘I think with my pen’ and it’s my way of making me stop and I need to do it. So this blog will share how I have used the Flo&Seb journal using a period of illness.. and I think it really is a valuable piece to read. We so often feel we are too.... something. But the important thing is to find ways to help us in difficult times.

Journaling and keeping notes

I asked myself these questions as I thought through how best to share my progress with you.

The instructions are found...

Is it easy to follow, and does it make you want to follow?

Whats it like to write in

Does it come with prep work or dive in?

How am I feeling after using it for a week?

How often does it want you to use it?

My last blog was looking at what the journal was like at fist glance and first impressions. In this blog I want to share how I have explored it and how I am finding it, how easy is it to use and get to know? 

Flo&seb wellness planner

Things that are important to me are that a journal feels nice, welcoming even, that the paper can handle my pens (I have some favourites and would be sad not to be able to use them) and that I actually want to use it. 

So here goes...

Pens on the paper...

I have experimented with lots of my pens. Here are the pens and the back of the page showing the amount of ghosting (bleed through of the pens). 

Journaling pens on planner

The coloured pages have a very slight sheen to them which from my experience of printing things, is from the printing but it hasn’t stopped any of my pens working on it and it feels nice to write on. The white pages are far more mat appearance and seem to be able to take most pens, which for the price of the planner I was surprised. I would have almost expected thinner cheaper feeling paper but this is not that, this is thick and lovely. It’s a pleasure to write on! 

Instructions ...

There are some simple instructions at the beginning of the planner and then no more, I don’t feel there needs to be many more however I still can’t quite decide how to use the yellow diet/tracking dots at the bottom of the food log page. I have seen on the @flo&eb instagram that they often share their pages and how they are using it so that’s really helpful too. 

At the end of each week there are pages with some encouragement to find mindful moments, these are great they have just enough without feeling overwhelming. I like a little guidance and these even show an example which is nice. 

Using the Flo&seb wellness planner

This planner is a really great one for starting out and I would defiantly recommend it if you haven’t journaled before, it’s a gentle bit of guidance and plenty of space for your own style. As for using it while I feel ill, well this was actually just what I needed, some prompts and leading towards whats needed it felt like I could add to it in brief if thats all I could manage and yet it gives enough space for writing more too. Some days I was able to fill in more than others but found it very helpful. 


Another thing I really liked in this planner is the space to write the day and date, so I didn’t feel I had to leave pages blank if I hadn’t been able to write that day. 


I have found that food logging and weight tracking is not something I’m really keen to do at the moment. However, I have needed to track food while I’ve been unwell and this planner made it easy. Its actually a helpful thing to do when we live in this crazy time where the days can all smerge (yes thats a word) into one. I think  over time I would use these pages for other types of tracking too.  If food is not what you (like me ) want to track... get imaginative what do you do or want to do at each of these meal times? Its also a way to break up the day and so helps that way. I also find that it although I might not go out with the plan to track these things it’s helpful to do it. We need to make sure we are taking care of our basic needs at the moment otherwise our foundations are going to be too weak to help us in the future. 

Flo&seb meal planner

It is unusual to find a guided journal that does every single thing you want it to so its worth thinking outside the box in these cases. Also it’s worth trying out something you may not have immediately chosen but trying it out gives you some new experiences and ideas to explore. 


So I would say my experience of using the Flo&Seb wellness planner these first weeks have been really useful, I have been able to work with how I felt and it has encouraged me to are time out when I needed it. I had thought last week that I would add a gratitude section but haven’t been able too. 


The very best and most valuable part of the planner is the daily intentions and evening reflections. I can not praise these enough. As you may know already I love to set a word of intention for the day and have made journal cards to help with this here. This goes to the next step, giving space to write a more detailed statement of intention, maybe even a sentence. It is really beneficial and is absolutely something I have enjoyed and will continue to use. The evening reflections is such a good partner to it too. Working on what you have panned for the day and exploring how and what you need to do going forward. 


A really great planner and so far it really has exceeded my expectations. I have been able to use it through a difficult time and am so grateful for it. 


Why not give morning intentions and evening reflections a try for a week, I hope like me you will be really pleasantly surprised. 


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  • Thanks Lucy.. I was just about to ask you what the yellow dots were for, they stumped me too. I have found I’m not much of a food planner but may be I’m just not in the right frame of mind. I like the hydration feature and the reflection space. Agree about the space for gratitude. I really like the idea of taking charge of mindless eating ( especially at work) so I’ll keep going and hope it inspires some positive changes. X

    Julie on

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