How does journaling help? 3 ways to calm overwhelm.

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How does journaling help?

You may have heard many people saying that journaling helps mental health and its a great practice that helps you. 

Are you asking how? Well all I can tell you is what works for me and how it has helped me. 

So in a world that is busy and our minds are often full of plans, lists and ideas it’s easy to get overwhelmed and struggle. Many of us are struggling and why is that? I think its the pressure of so many things going on at the moment that its really easy to keep adding to it and feeling that we need to do more, then more, then more, just to try to sort it.

How about this.... instead of more less..... just for a moment

take a moment to stop

take a moment to breathe

and here is where what I want to share with you - write!

Writing is a wonderful practice to beat overwhelm

Journaling is simply writing things down in a notebook.  

It’s not complicated if you don’t want it to be. Sure you can do some really complex methods but try them once you have found your groove.

I’m suggesting here three simple ways to help you beat the overwhelm and begin to enjoy a moment to yourself.  

Writing to help beat overwhelm

3 simple way to help beat overwhelm with journaling 

When you are overwhelmed its often because of so many lists and things filling your thoughts so try one or all of these to help gain some control and perspective

Write a list

yup, I know that sounds simple but I’m not talking about a list as long as your arm. I’m talking realistic and manageable. I like to write my list the night before, I write 3-5 jobs that are important to get done the next day. The pressure of doing a huge list is too much for anyone. Keep it short, keep it manageable, keep it realistic.


Prioritising is a skill, try this. Separate your page into want, need and must. Then empty everything down onto those three sections. Its a fast method and would be your opportunity to empty it all out and then each day you choose 3-5 things. Decide what isn’t necessary and what can be given to others. 


This is a wonderful breath of fresh air, if you are really busy then stop. Focus your mind on the things you are grateful for. Make lists and pour out your gratitude. Its great to do at home, when out for a walk or when waiting for things. Its a way to stop your mind wandering to worrying and to see many wonderful things you have. 


I hope those simple but effective ideas have given you something to try and remember you are worthy of joy and the moments to take a break. You were made for much more than to rush from here to there .

I’d love to knwo how you get one do drop me an email if there are other things you’d like to see. 



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