How do you know if journaling is for you and which one to use?

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This is a puzzle I feel like I frequently ask myself and others have asked me, how do I know which journal is right for me and how am I going to fit it into my already busy life?

It’s a valid questions and well worth taking a moment or two to answer. 

This year I plan to do my best to help with the vast possibilities available and to help you see the different options in practice so you can sort through and find what really helps you. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time looking at what I’m doing and what is the best way to serve you and help you to find your journaling mojo. For me journaling has often been a lifeline, a moment away from everything and a way to gain perspective. There are so many benefits to journaling but I think we only really grasp what they are when we experience them. So this year I have created a plan which is focused on helping those who are new to or have lost their journaling way to get into it and find what truly works for them. I’m not a fan of being put into boxes and I feel we can all find something that suits us if we allow ourselves the freedom to tweak. 

This year you will see my three main goals - they are to show you......

  1. What is available to use for journaling. - in terms of guided journals.  
  2. Some of the things that are possible using blank journals and bullet journaling.
  3. Making journaling accessible to you - what ever level. Creating ideas and prompts.  

Journaling in action - does journaling really help

Here on the blog I am going to show you Journaling in action - specifically guided journals .

On Instagram you will see how I use my Archer and Olive dot grid journal and journal cards. (instagram and facebook @thejoyfilledcup) to show you what is possible and helping to make it simple and accessible. 

I have been in contact with a range of different creators of guided journals and will be showing you them in action throughout the year.

Journaling in Action 

Each journal will get a blog from me for

  •  first impressions.
  •  getting to know how it works.
  •  how I get along with it after a few weeks.
  •  a final overview. 

I really want to explore each journal and give you as much information as possible that helps see the potential of each one. Why do this? Because every year I get bombarded with journal ads, things popping up here there and everywhere telling me that this one is best and then this one then another. I love stationary and journaling and if money was no object I’d have them all .... but would I use them? Thats the big question! So I want to take the time to share with you my exploration for each one I use and give you a great picture of what it is and if it fits you now. I’m not trying to sell anything, this is a project that I know for myself is going to be really helpful and I have faith that it will be for you as well. So please feel free to send me questions and planners you would like me to look at, I love finding new ones. 

I have tried to find a mix of UK based guided journals and I have also got a US journal ready to show you. 

I am really pleased to be able to bring you this project and show you some amazing resources. Do follow along here on the blog and if you sign up to my email I will share when each blog is out so that you can have a read. 


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