Finding those moments that make your heart sing. 5 ideas to help you capture them

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This week I’ve been thinking a lot about how we capture those moments that make our heart sing. Our days are filled with all sorts of experiences and we can choose what we focus on, what we choose to remember and how that day will stay in our memories. 

Imagine a day when you had a lovely day planned with your family, a trip out and the weather turns and your all stuck at home. The day ends up being spent by the fire playing games and being together.

 How do you remember that day? As the day that you couldn’t go to the place OR as the day that you spent playing games with the ones you love

 It’s about being realistic, yes this bad stuff happens but we can decide which bit of it we hold on to. That’s what Ive been doing this week in my journal and sharing both on the podcast and on instagram. Sometimes  get stuck in a rut and it’s easy to look only at the stuff that hard, it feels so big and like a cloud that dulls the light of the good things.

Look at this photo, is it a relaxing bath or messy bath toys? What do you see? Which makes you happier?

So using my journal and a decision to look for and make a physical action which then helps me to remember those beautiful things and celebrate them. Our brains and memories are like a muscle, if we let it get strong at the negative stuff it will but if we help it to get strong fighting for the good it will get stronger there. That way we can teach a ‘muscle memory’ of sorts that looks for and grabs onto the good stuff.

So how have I been doing that?

let me show you 

I have had a journal spread which I have been returning to throughout the week, each day noting down the good things, the things I’ve enjoyed. You could do this each day but for how I have been feeling I wanted to make a week one and have a big colourful celebration spread. 

Photos throughout the day that record all the good things. I had the cat sitting all cosy, my favourite soup, a picture from the kids, cosy gloves. Just this simple act of capturing those moments was really

A list of things Ive enjoyed and want to do more. Recognising the lovely things is one thing but making a promise to do it more often is a great next step. We can easily get caught up in life and forget to do the things that have slipped off our radar. 

Ring a friend, share with them a moment of life. I have friends who I haven’t any near sign of being able to see physically and so taking a moment to phone one a week has been a joy. Just hearing their voice, chatting through what they are doing and letting them know I’m thinking of them- and hearing they are thinking of me is a massive moment of light and joy in my day. It’s just that moment of stepping out of where you are and being ‘with’ someone in whatever way you can. 

Doing something for someone else. There is a great joy in bringing joy to others, take a moment to write a card, send a text to those you would normally see. These are all really important but don't miss whats right in front of your eyes, the people we live with can feel very present but its easy to just be plodding on - why not do a nice surprise for them. Brighten their day in a simple kind way, make a cake, write a note, just remember we all need to know we are seen. 

These are just a few simple ways to celebrate those moments, to welcome joy in and with determination to strengthen that muscle. Remember if things are feeling too much and too hard reach out and speak to someone, a friend your GP or charities like mind and the blurt foundation are filled with resources. 

Journaling for me has been such an important outlet and a way to feel I have taken some control over what can feel like a horse racing off (my thoughts). I have used writing to tame and befriend them, to understand and question. Over the next few weeks I am working on a guide to help get started with journaling in a book but if your new to journaling I do create a monthly kit filled with prompts and help to get you started. You can buy the Joyfully Creative kit each month which comes with stickers, a scratch card for inspiration and a private facebook group. Or just buy the sets as they become available in my shop. I must admit the idea of telling you this at the end of my blog feels salesy but I made them to help and if I tel no-one it helps no-one so please take it with the heart I intend. There is some kind of magic in writing and if I can share anything of use I hope that you can take what works for you and help you to thrive!

see you soon


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